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     They all piled into the squad car and arrived at the fifth crime scene a few minutes later. The four walked the wooded path leading to the murder scene, Abbey snapping pictures along the way. She knew that many possible clues would have already been compromised if not outright destroyed, but training was training – you always photographed your way into a scene.
     After they crossed the yellow crime scene tape at the trail head and were beyond the two officers standing guard, Abbey noticed the dirt of the trail was a very fine, almost powdery substance. She now needed hairspray.
     “Sergeant Pepper,” she called softly to the mountain just behind of her, “could someone run to the store and get me a six pack of water and a can of Aquanet?”
     “Aquanet. Seriously?”
     “Seiously. Aquanet,” she replied, looking for further signs of the UNSUB.
     “Isn’t that hairspray? Mind if I ask why you need it?”
     Abbey glanced up at John from where she was studying the ground. “Footprints.” She was met with blank stares. “The earth here is very fine and in order to get a good set of footprints, I need to use an extremely heavy hairspray to set the dirt so I can then pour a cast.”
     Max gave a low whistle and John Pepper grinned and shook his head. Cross looked skeptical, which didn’t surprise her.
     “You heard the lady, Max. Run to the store.”