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Alexander Fitzhugh is a bear of a man, quite content to spend his time with his sturdy mistresses. When both his father and his cousin begin to pester the rakehell to fulfill his obligation to produce an heir, he balks at the idea of having to select his bride from the dainty debutantes of the Season. Thinking to eventually find a robust widow, he is not prepared for the campaign launched upon him by "Bill", a petite blonde vixen who already has more than enough young swains dancing to her tune; nor is he prepared for the raging desire and protectiveness she evokes in him.

Lady Wilhemina Kirkpatrick, or Willy as her intimates call her, is enjoying her first Season and plans to find a suitable rogue to teach her the art of becoming a flirt. Once she sets eyes one Alexander Fitzhugh however, the headstrong young lady quickly decides the earl will be the perfect match for her. Undaunted by his surly behavior toward her, for she has seen the blatant passion burning in his eyes, she contrives to ensnare the acrimonious lord and everyone knows - what Willy wants, Willy gets!

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A man who won’t marry, a woman who must, and the betrothal contract between them. What happens next?    

Lord Whitmore Langley, a “mere Viscount”, is a man quite pleased with his life – he has no obligations and wants none. His existence is simple and carefree, just as he planned it.

However, when a lovely young woman from his childhood arrives at his bachelor town home, waving what she claims to be a betrothal contact between them, Whit finds himself quite out to sea. A confirmed bachelor, he knows not what to do with a virginal beauty he cannot seduce without planning to wed. No matter how tempted he is.  

Justine St. Claire is a woman in danger. It’s horrendous enough her step-brother most likely murdered her father, has taken control of her recently deceased father’s estate, and sold her to a despicable neighboring lord - but he’s also abusing her faithful staff who are the only family she now has. In her desperation to find help before she must wed the ancient neighbor, she decides to pursue a 20 year old joke between friends and seek aid from a man she hasn’t seen since she was a child.

Will he be the hero she needs or the buffoon she recalls?   

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A proper lady, a rake in disguise - and dangerous passion.

Rafe Atherton, the Duke of Devonshire, has managed to muck up his life, and rather grandly. A dalliance with the wrong woman has put him at the center of a scandal that could bring down the next prime minister of England. Desperate to remove the threat to his peer – and to himself by way of being skewered by said peer, he agrees to disappear from London life. Begrudgingly, he accepts his friend’s suggestion to act the part of a butler at the fellow’s cousin’s country estate.

 Lady Isabella FitzHugh is nothing if not a practical, logical, orderly young woman. Having her lifelong butler just retire and being informed by her cousin, surely in an attempt to help, that she was to host a butler-in-training, is beyond annoying. A small, self-contained estate needs no ripples to mar the necessary smooth waters. But, when the new butler, one Mr. Easton, arrives, her home and her emotions become one stormy mess. And Isabella finds herself breaking all the rules and happily opens her heart to the chaos of love.

 True To The Hearts Series


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