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Horror Series

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Jerry Knaak Bio

Jerry Knaak has been writing professionally for broadcast and print for more than 20 years. He has produced thousands of articles for online publication during his career in professional sports digital media. Jerry is originally from Rochester, N.Y., and currently resides with his family in Northern California. The Dark Truth is his first novel.


The Dark Passage Series Book #1

Horror Novel


by Jerry Knaak


What did that piece of Eurotrash do to me? “No, no, no, no!” I started thrashing in my metal drawer, kicking and sobbing and wanting to be free. “Why? Why me? Goddammit, why me?” After bouncing around in the box for a while, I calmed down and started to piece some things together. I needed to stop the ‘why me?’ bullshit. I’d never felt sorry for myself before, so why start now? I realized that the whole time I was in the drawer, I hadn’t been out of breath. There couldn’t have been much oxygen in this box, yet I had no trouble breathing. In fact, I wasn’t breathing at all. I held my hand under my nose … nothing. I wasn’t feeling any pain, either. It’s not that I wasn’t feeling anything. I could feel the coldness of the metal surrounding me, but I had smacked my forehead. I had done a fair bit of thrashing, but I didn’t feel any discomfort from my banging around. You’d think my elbows and knees would hurt. For all my pinball wizardry in the metal box, I wasn’t sweating, either. Something else I found to be odd … it was pitch black in the box, no natural light at all, yet I could see. It was that visual noise, night vision goggles kind of sight, but I could see in the dark. I thought about the last night I was alive and how I had hidden under the covers, chanting, “I’m not afraid of the dark,” as I lay there on the slab in the pitch black. The irony was not lost on me. And, oh, yeah, I was thirsty. They said I was dead, right? The real horrors were yet to come.