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"Knaak cracks the verbal whip with new vampire Elizabeth...The fast-paced action and dialogue sparkle." ~ Neil Low, Bestselling Author

Horror Series

Rae’s Reading Lounge -  Review          March 5, 2019

". . . Knaak has created such a fantastic world in The Dark Passage series filled with vampire lore, comedy, suspense, and a hint of romance. So it's a perfect little package that hits a lot of genres. Elizabeth is a superb main character because she's strong and makes for a natural leader. Watching her grow over the series, she never disappoints. I'm still leery of Andrei and I can't wait to find out what Elizabeth has in store for him. And of course, Knaak left us in an intense spot, so I'm going to need the next book asap. . . . "Type your paragraph here.



Jerry Knaak Bio

Jerry Knaak, a 10-year U.S. Navy veteran, has been writing professionally in one form or another for more than 25 years.

 A native of Rochester, N.Y., he enlisted in the Navy upon graduation from Edison Tech in 1987. Since serving as a radio and television personality in with Armed Forces Radio and Television at Naval Air Station Keflavik, Iceland, and as a writer for Naval Aviation News magazine in Washington, D.C., Jerry has worked with the Oakland Raiders professional football team for the past 18 years. He has produced thousands of articles for online publication during his career. After 16 years in digital media, he is now serving as the team historian. Knaak started his sports writing career with Baltimore Football Weekly, covering the Baltimore Stallions of the Canadian Football League.

Jerry currently lives in Northern California with his wife Angi and youngest son Noah, three cats, a dog, numerous koi fish, and any number of vagrant spiders and lizards. His oldest son, William, is attending college in Florida.

 When he’s not writing gritty tales of terror or researching gridiron heroics, Jerry enjoys reading, watching movies and good serial television. He is also an avid blogger and hosts a regular podcast.  

The Dark Terror is his third novel.

 "Author Jerry Knaak cracks the verbal whip with new vampire Elizabeth (“Don’t call me Beth”) Rubis, as she desperately seeks to track down her narcissistic mentor, who is hiding and preying on others on the mean streets of San Francisco. The fast-paced action and dialogue sparkle as Elizabeth is forced to discover THE DARK TRUTH of what she has become and what might be hidden inside her. Her frantic quest to find out what she is capable of is both helped and complicated by contradictory cravings and a shaken sense of what is now right or wrong for her. To help and hinder her search, she is torn between new and old loyalties, extraordinary sensual powers, superhuman strength, ruthlessness, cunning, and wicked cravings that can both horrify and appease her temporary needs as she seeks her own answers."
                        ~ Neil Low, Bestselling Author


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The Dark Passage Series Book #3

Stunning Revelations

As Elizabeth Rubis learns to rule the children of the night and develop her abilities, her recent past comes back to haunt her. Friends become fiends and victims rise from the grave creating new dilemmas and harrowing situations.

Clandestine Assassins

 Serge Da Rocha may have been defeated, but he was not the only vampire hunter. His compatriots descend on the Bay Area to rid the world of this vampire infestation that plagues Northern California.

Survival at All Costs

In the exciting 3rd novel of The Dark Passage series, what will Elizabeth do, what lengths will she go to, what sacrifices will she make to ensure her survival? Will she survive? Or will her enemies prevail?