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Please take the time to ensure your manuscript is the most polished you can make it. We do understand there may be a typo or two but first impressions do matter.

Trifecta Publishing House is proud to be a Green Company. We do not accept any materials, of any kind, unless specifically requested, via snail mail. 


Our in-house editorial staff will review your work as soon as possible and let you know our decision. We are authors ourselves and understand waiting is never fun in this industry. If we feel your work and our house might be a good fit, we will request additional material, most often the full manuscript, so please be sure it is ready.

*** August 9th, 2017 Special Call For Submissions ***

Trifecta Publishing House is currently interested in Coloring Books For Adults.

Each book should have a theme and be completed at the time of submission. Please submit submissions to Diana@TrifectaPublishingHouse.com.


Fiction ~

Historical Romances

Romantic Suspense

New Adult




Contemporary Romances

Main Stream Fiction




Screen Plays

Children's Books



-***We will be open to new submissions September 1st, 2017***

.Trifecta Publishing House is currently open for submissions, and in particular, some edgy, cutting-edge fiction.

*Please Note: If you have not invested the time to create your social media platform,  please do not submit to us until you have done so.

                       If your book is currently self-published or with another publisher, please do not query with that title. Instead, send us something new.*

DIANA BALLEW:  is currently looking for all genres of fiction but has a personal interest in paranormal, historical and women's fiction.

DOUG BURMEISTER: enjoys science fiction, dystopian, and fantasy novels.

LORI LYN: loves thrillers, mysteries, Regency-set historical romances, contemporary romances, and is willing to look at anything containing a sense of humor - and the juxtaposition in the dark and gritty.

Our submission requirements are as follows:

New work, not previously published

100,000 word count maximum

Query should consist of an e-mail with the synopsis and first 30 pages in the body

If full manuscript is requested, please send as an attachment to the editor requesting


Please send an e-query first to


with a synopsis (3-4 pages) and the first 30 pages,

double spaced in the body of the e-mail.