Vintage Hill Press is proud to announce the debut book by musical legend Philip Bauer.

A lone figure stands on the precipice of eternity in the shadow of a sprawling oak tree. He searches the horizon of time and space, yearning for his prodigal children to return home.

A Man carrying the weight of an innocent death, at the culmination of a life unfulfilled, must face his own truth.

The Preacher who lost sight of the love of the Father when he allowed greed to corrupt his soul must find a path to redemption.

A Civil War Soldier mired in prejudice and entitlement has to face his crimes against his fellow man if he hopes to achieve peace and rest.

The Superstar struggles beyond abuse and poverty and finds success, only to realize that his golden life is built on the backs of those he trod upon on his way to fame and he must atone.

All must find their answers beneath THE HEAVENLY OAK.

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Reviewed by Stacie Haas for Readers' Favorite

What happens when we die? Find out in The Heavenly Oak by Philip Bauer. The story finds several individuals—from varying times and spaces—all at the end of their physical lives on earth. Each of them—a televangelist, superstar performer, Confederate soldier, explorer, and more—find themselves under an idyllic oak tree in another realm of the universe. When they arrive, all find someone is there to greet them. Who is this person and what is the book he has with him? Each person soon discovers that it’s their own book of life and how they react to what they find there determines what happens next. Is death an end or the beginning of something new?

The Heavenly Oak by Philip Bauer presents a picture of heaven that many readers will find familiar and comforting. There is something very reassuring in the way that Bauer writes about the moment of death and one’s arrival at the heavenly oak. And if what comes next seems a bit too easy, the novel makes the definitive point that heaven is available and attainable, but not automatic. In The Heavenly Oak, Philip Bauer presents a lovely picture of heaven and appropriately demonstrates that God is the perfect judge of our lives, taking into account all of our choices and circumstances.

The Heavenly Oak is written as a series of vignettes—one for each individual making the journey to heaven. Each of these people has a unique path and circumstances to appreciate and reckon with. I especially enjoyed the final vignette—one that brings you directly in the path of and to the point of Jesus’s ultimate sacrifice for all sinners. Recommended.

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Philip Bauer began his entertainment career in 1985 by winning a state wide talent contest in Minnesota. Bauer took 1st place in a field of over 800 contestants at the Minnesota state fair. In 1986 he was asked to perform nightly at the fair with a 40 piece orchestra.
This singer /songwriter  has had his original songs played on over 300 country music stations all across Europe. 
Throughout the 90's Bauer played in bands performing his own music as well as his many
impersonations of various artists. This award winning entertainer has performed in Branson and was  a proud member of the Oklahoma Opry Association where he was honored with Male vocalist of the year and Entertainer of the year.

Philip was asked to perform on Charlie Daniels Talent Roundup on TNN. He has performed with many Country Music stars including Leann Rimes, David Frizzell, Vince Gill, Jim Ed Brown, and Toby Kieth. Philip considers it a blessing to be able to bring the music and memories of Johnny Cash to all his audiences . His show has taken him all across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, New Zealand and five 26 city tours of Australia.
Philip has had many radio and television appearances including a national appearance on New Zealands Good Morning and a one hour  national television concert from HOLLYWOOD  Live on AXS TV going into 48 million homes on WORLD'S GREATEST TRIBUTE BANDS .   
W.S. Holland ( Johnny Cashs' only drummer) summed it up after playing for Philip.
"It was spooky. He is the best I have ever seen." Holland said.