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"From the moment where Max Random comes roaring into view on his weaponized go-kart, this story never lets the tension drop or the excitement lag.

"Graced with a distinctive voice, vivid characters, and the intelligence that distinguished the 'Danger Boy' series, 'Max Random and the Zombie 500' is something special in contemporary children’s fiction. Roll on, Max!"

         Douglas Rees, Author of the "Vampire High" series

Philip Bauer, Author


Mark London Williams is the author of the LA Times Best Selling Danger Boy time travel series, and a contributor to the anthologies Magical Mayhem and Our White  House: Looking In, Looking Out.

He's also a senior writer covering Hollywood and its discontents to Below The Line and other outlets, and a former contributor to Variety, the Times, and other on and offline publications.

He teaches writing at Disney's Creative Academy, and storytelling workshops based on Two Tricksters Tango, his  recent graphic novel done in conjunction with artist Douglas Potter.

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“When I first saw Max Random, he was driving his go-kart right at me. He was also wearing goggles, so it was hard to tell if he was dead or alive. I was pretty sure, though, that zombies didn’t know how to drive.
            “‘Not dead,’ Max said, as he stepped out of the kart to look at me. ‘You should get in.’”
            And so, weeks after watching her principal try to chew up her school teacher, and minutes after she’d just lost her family, 12 year-old Aurora Bonsall begins her odyssey of escape with Max Random in his hand built go-kart, across a ruined map of abandoned studio back-lots, wrecked shopping malls, encounters with the not-quite dead in hospitals and the not-quite-tame when they meet a feral cat. All while realizing that surviving humans can be far more dangerous than the Nano-Z’s taking over the world.

            Max, meanwhile, keeps driving them toward a rendezvous where he says they will be safe. But as Aurora discovers he has secrets of his own, she wonders if there can ever be any escape at all.