I live at the family riding stable in the Cascade foothills where I organize most of the riding programs, teach horsemanship around my day-job as a substitute teacher, nurse sick horses, hold for the shoer, train whoever needs it – four-legged and two-legged. And write books in my spare time, usually from 8PM to 2AM, seven days a week after a long day on the ranch.

 When I can’t write, due to the overwhelming needs and pressures of the “real” world, words and stories fill my mind.  Even when I muck the barn, I think about books or short stories or pieces in progress and map out the writing in my mind.  I have B.A. degrees in English and History, and my Master in Teaching degree. As a substitute school teacher, I love the school breaks but I’m just as busy, since there are 30 horses to look after on the ranch. I’ve had a lot of adventures over the years and I plan to write all about them. I hope you enjoy reading about them!

I am a member of Evergreen RWA, Greater Seattle RWA, and Young Adult RWA.

Trifecta Publishing House


Cowboy Spell

Single mom Elinor Talbot already has enough to deal with. She’s in her mid-thirties, divorced, and struggling to make her dream of a successful pony farm come true; all while raising her two children. Her kids, however, want to add a dad in their lives – someone for them all to love.  On a whim of fading childhood dreams, they cast a “spell”, hoping to make the dream come true.

 What she does not think she needs is horseshoer Sean Killian, who just so happens to have a dream of his own.  Turning 40 this summer, he wants a family, a real one  - and his heart is set on Elinor and her brood.



Defending her honor . . . and her life!

The untamed wilderness of 1887 Washington Territory is A Man's World. Trace Burdette knows this better than anyone, so she masquerades as one and packs the guns to prove it. She forks her own broncs, priding herself on being the 'toughest hombre' this side of the Cascades. The last thing she wants is Zebadiah Prescott, her ruggedly handsome new neighbor, ordering her around.

With more under his Stetson that hair, Zeb Prescott knows a man when he sees one. He isn't fooled by the little woman in masculine garb even if she can almost outride and outshoot him. Determined to win Trace, he must confront the danger facing them. Before they can have a future together, he must not only deal with the past, but also the dangerous outlaw out to kill the woman he loves.


Award Winning Author



  Liberty Valley, Yesterday and Today Series