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Available September 11th, 2017 in Print and E-Books!

Historical Fiction

Jennifer Brassel Bio

Jenny Brassel is passionate about a lot of things: romance, history and mythology to name but a few, and writing allows her imagination to run riot. Creative to the bone, when Jennifer isn’t writing she can be seen with a paintbrush in hand.

Her work has won a number of major romance writing contests including the Land of Enchantment Romance Writers’  Rebecca; From The Heart Romance Writers’ Wallflower and Missouri Romance Writers of America’s Gateway to the Best.

Jenny holds an MA in Creative Writing and teaches courses and workshops for community colleges and writing centres.

Jenny hails from Sydney Australia. Married to her high school sweetheart, most of her days are spent staring at her computer screen under the supervision of a very demanding bichon frisé, Cordy.

Award Winning Historical Fiction Author Jennifeer Brassel



When kings were gods and power was absolute, treachery hides behind every door and in the hearts of those who should be allies.

Pharaoh Tuthmosis secretly seeks solace in the arms of Alia, a young slave, but spies lurk everywhere and she becomes a pawn in the struggle to usurp the throne.
Pharaoh's one small act of compassion has repercussions that takes years to unfold and threatens not only Pharaoh's sons and daughters but the kingdom itself.
Can Tuthmosis find a way to protect those he holds dear? Can he maintain ma'at, the order and balance so vital to Egypt's future or will the rebels finally overthrow Pharaoh and destroy Egypt once and for all?