Trifecta Publishing House


What will it cost me to be published by your house?

Nothing. Trifecta Publishing House pays all costs to have your manuscript professionally edited, proofread, formatted, and the cover designed. 

Do you pay an advance?

No. Like nearly all of today’s publishers, we cannot offer you an advance and still be able to give you the amazingly talented support of our staff. We are, however, truly competitive in royalty rates.

 Who does your editing, cover art, promotion, formatting?

We work with an extremely talented group of professionals. We believe in transparency. Our artists and editors are listed on our website.

 Can I submit a manuscript that has already been published or currently is published?

Unfortunately, no. We’ve explored this avenue and find no benefit to either the author or the publishing house, at this time.

 How important is social media, really?

Crucial – absolutely critical to your potential success in the publishing world. We cannot stress this enough. Take part in all forms you are comfortable with and do it as soon as you read this. Consider it a significant part of your author platform and brand. And we will be researching your social media platform as soon as you send a query. You should have a dedicated writer/author website, a Facebook presence, and a Twitter presence, at the very least. 

 I wrote a really great manuscript that is 120K words long – should I send it to you?

You can query – but AFTER you have cut it to 90K, or less.

 Will my full length novel be available for print, as well as e-book?

Most of the novel length books we release will also be available in print.

I have a 25K novella – would that be something I should send you?

Yes, as long as it fits into the genres or sub-genres we are currently accepting.

 What is your definition of a novella?

Novellas tend to run from 20K to 40K.

If I submit a novella, will it be in print as well as e-book?

Only in e-book. It’s just not cost productive to produce a print copy for this lower word count.

How can I use the cover for promotion? Do I need to get your approval for give-away items?

While we own the rights to your cover(s) for the duration of that manuscripts contract, you are encouraged to use the image in any appropriate way to promote your books. Should you feel unsure, just ask us.

 Will I have any input on the cover design and/or title?

Trifecta Publishing House has the final say, per our contract, on book titles and cover art designs. However, we prefer to collaborate with our authors.

Am I expected to write the back book cover blurb a/k/a the promotional blurb?

You should attempt a back cover blurb but know that we will help you and revise as appropriate for the sub-genre/genre.

 Once my book is under contract with you, how long will it be until it’s published?
Typically, we schedule a book into the next available slot - usually five to eight months after contracting.

Book covers sometimes list a popular author's recommendation and praise (cover quote). Will I need to try to find someone to ask to do this for me?

We ask you for suggestions, and you are certainly encouraged to ask any authors you know, but if you need help, again this is a service we are happy to help you with.

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