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Alpha werewolf Jim Winter has it all – a pack that respects him, a successful ranch, and his choice of willing females – but the only woman he wants is the one he can’t have. A guilty secret and a promise keep him from claiming Sissy as his mate.

 Sissy Hunt has always loved Jim, but she’s tired of being the only 25 year old virgin werewolf in Wyoming. Frustrated and ready to get on with her life, she gladly accepts an invitation to join a neighboring pack, but she runs from heartbreak straight into the arms of danger.

 Jim and Sissy will have to face the specters of their past if they want to survive and have a future together.


"The next time I'm in Wyoming, I'll definitely be looking for those sexy cowboy shifters."

~ Anna Alexander, Award Winning Author



Clare McKay is a Humanities professor at an art college and a professional copy editor, but ever since she was a teen and discovered the historical romances in the public library, she's been hooked on romantic fiction. Her young adult years brought her Star Trek and Star Wars and the whole world of sci-fi and fantasy from Wells and Lovecraft to today's takes on "what if…"

Clare writes contemporary and paranormal romance and fantasy. She likes to tuck in her supernatural elements alongside the unsuspecting everyday world of cowboys, ranchers, small town sheriffs and big city detectives. "I like the idea that there are other worlds and magickal creatures living right alongside us, rarely glimpsed until some event brings them into our lives and changes everything."

She's lived in the Pacific Northwest for over twenty years with her husband, children, and grandkids, and although she roots for the Seahawks and the Mariners, she still considers herself a Texan at heart.

Clare is a member of Evergreen RWA, Greater Seattle RWA, and Young Adult RWA.