K.M. RILEY, Author

AUDRA COOK, Narrator

K.M. Riley is the Bestselling Author author of Fever Rising, a Dystopian YA/New Adult novel and now also available on Audio books.

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Jerry Knaak's The Dark Truth


CHERYL MAY, Narrator

Jerry Knaak is a Bestselling author of Horror in the heart of San Fransisco in his debut novel The Dark Truth, book #1, and with book #2, The Dark Descent, of The Dark Passage Series, both now available as Audio books.

Marie Tuhart's Trifecta Titles

Amazon Best Seller

Award Winning Author


LUNA CROSS, Narrator

Mark London Williams is a columnist, has scripted comics, published poetry, and had a slew of produced plays, in venues ranging from California to London. Now Mark is conquering the audio book field with Max Random and The Zombie 500.

Lori Lyn Trifecta Titles

Our Audio Books

"Tuhart's Passionate Desire is a scorching, kinky romp right out of the gate!"

~ Sabrina York,

NYT & USA Today Best Selling Author

Amazon Best Seller

Award Winning Author

Diana Ballew Trifecta Titles

"Knaak cracks the verbal whip with new vampire Elizabeth...The fast-paced action and dialogue sparkle."

~ Neil Low, Best Selling Author


Lori Lyn is a Bestselling and an Award Winning author who writes Historical Romance, Romantic Suspense, and Mystery/Thrillers.

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Trifecta Publishing House

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"From the moment where Max Random comes roaring into view on his weaponized go-kart, this story never lets the tension drop or the excitement lag .  . . ' Max Random and the Zombie 500' is something special in contemporary children’s fiction. Roll on, Max!"   ~ Douglas Rees, Author of the "Vampire High" Series



Diana Ballew is an Amazon Best Selling  and Award Winning author who writes American Civil War Romance, and Paranormal Romance.

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Marie Tuhart is Bestselling and Award Winning author of  Erotic Romance and is now an iBook Bestseller with Passionate Desire.