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Doug Burmeister attended the University of Maryland on an athletic scholarship, playing football there for five years. He is a distinguished graduate of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and served as a federal police officer for sixteen years, protecting the United States Capitol. After 9/11, it was time for a change and Doug made his move into business sales. Having sold in numerous highly competitive markets, he is confident in his sales and Social Media expertise and loves working with authors.

Doug is also currently expanding on his Social Media skills by spearheading a new comedic Podcast, "Live With Doug and Cathy Lee".

Doug especially enjoys science fiction, dystopian, and fantasy novels.


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Philip Bauer & Lori Lyn

After years of studying the craft of writing, Lori is thrilled to now be embarking on her publishing career, both as an author and as a publisher. Lori gives workshops, has been a founder as well as a presiding member of several chapters of RWA, a non-profit international writing organization, has organized book festivals and writing conferences. She loves to help other writers in any way she can.

Lori loves thrillers, mysteries, Regency-set historical romances, contemporary romances, and is willing to look at anything containing a sense of humor - and the juxtaposition in the dark and gritty.

Diana attended Seattle University in Seattle, Washington. She has been involved in the writing business for over twenty years. She is a published author of several historical romance novels, an Amazon Bestselling Author, and a member of the Published Author's Network (PAN) for Romance Writers of America. During 2010, Diana accepted an internship for the boutique publisher of historical fiction, Fireship Press, in Tuscon, Arizona. There, she learned the complicated process of turning an author's treasured manuscript into a published novel. She is the co-founder and past vice-president of the Evergreen chapter of Romance Writer's of America in Everett, Washington. She is a member of Greater Seattle RWA, the Independent Book Publisher's Association, IBPA, and Publishers and Writers of San Diego.

She is currently looking for all genres of fiction but has a personal interest in paranormal, historical and women's fiction.


Why choose Trifecta Publishing House over other small publishers? We're happy to explain.

Trifecta is owned and operated by authors who know the entire process of having your book published, from writing that first draft to seeing your book hit the market. Trifecta contracts with and pays for professional editors, cover artists, formatters and proofreaders to make any book we publish shine. We offer marketing and branding support and are truly competitive in royalty figures.

We understand that each book and each author is unique and we treat them as such. We always keep our authors informed and seek their input on important matters, like that crucial cover.

Should we agree to work together, we will provide you with ARCs (Advance Reader Copies) of your book and cover art in advance of the release date and will send out review requests to at least 3 reputable review sites - again, in advance of your release date.

We are an e-book and print book publisher of quality fiction novels and novellas.

Trifecta Publishing House is a team. If all partners are on board with your submission, we will welcome you to our team and do everything we can to make your new release a success.

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