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A Man’s World: Sexy New Novel Follows Life of Fearless Woman Who Takes on Old West with Gusto…Disguised as a Man.

Masterfully crafted by Josie Malone, ‘A Man’s World’ invites readers to saddle up and take a trip back to the Old West, alongside a formidable woman who wants to experience all the adventure and danger of cowboy life. With her foolproof male disguise, Trace Burdette sets off to defend her honor and her life. Sorry, did someone say a foolproof disguise? That’s where the twist comes, in a novel one critic recently described as “A strong story that sizzles with tension”.

For Immediate Release

Granite Falls, WA – While Westerns have long been a staple of the literary world, both readers and critics are currently crying out for wholly-unique new narratives that don’t succumb to recycling of the ‘same-old’ concepts. Thankfully, Washington State’s Josie Malone is stepping up to the plate, weaving the genre’s most cherished hallmarks around a compelling twist that bends the Old West’s “gender gap”.

‘A Man’s World’ was inspired by the author’s love of real-world historical figures that refused to let being a women exclude them from life’s heart-pounding experiences – often disguised as men. From Little Jo Monaghan’s days as a miner in Idaho to the hundreds of women who were thought to have fought in the Civil War, Malone won’t allow their bold smashing of the glass ceiling to be forgotten.

…and so comes along Trace Burdette, a fictional yet vividly-realistic cowgirl whose uncanny disguise allows her to play with the big boys – literally.


Defending her honor . . . and her life!   The untamed wilderness of 1887 Washington Territory is A Man’s World. The survivor of more than one deadly ambush, Trace Burdette knows this better than anyone. Masquerading as a man, she prides herself on being the ‘toughest hombre’ this side of the Cascades, packing the guns to prove it.    Then, Zeb Prescott returns to Liberty Valley. The tenacious young woman dressed in masculine garb doesn’t fool him, even if she can almost outride and outshoot him. Determined to win Trace’s trust, he must confront the danger facing them. Before they can have a future together, they will have to deal with secrets of the past and the dangerous outlaw plotting to kill the woman Zeb loves.

“I’ve always been fascinated and in awe of women who disguised themselves as men and threw themselves into war, industry and lives they were never supposed to lead,” explains Malone. “Equally, I’ve spent my entire life captivated by Western stories and their revolving themes of adventure, redemption and second chances; none of which are limited to any single gender. I wanted to bring both ideas into a novel that would buck the genre’s trend and genuinely give it something new.”

Continuing, “There are many real-life women who inspired Trace, by heading west for a new life and disguising themselves as men in the process. Just look at women such as Charley Parkhurst, who successfully hid her sex for over forty years, all the way until her death in 1879. Known as the “Boss of the Road”, Parkhurst drove a stagecoach through the Sierra Nevadas and even got a ballot to vote! She’s a true maverick and these stories deserve to live on, even if through the periscope of fiction.”

Since the novel’s release, readers and critics have come out in force with rave reviews. For example, USA Today Bestselling Author, Jami Davenport, comments, “A thoroughly enjoyable read. As a life-long Washingtonian, I rarely see a western historical set in Washington State. Not only is this book set in Washington, but it was a great, entertaining premise: A woman disguised as a man who can do male tasks as well as any man. It takes an exceptional man to fall in love with a woman as strong as Trace. Zeb is that man. I take my hat off to Josie Malone in this fun read."

Author Laurie Ryan adds, “I enjoyed this story a lot. Watching Zeb's recognition that Trace Burdette is more than he thought is worth the read all by itself. These two are in for a world of hurt if they don't figure out who's trying to kill Trace. Add in a very palpable tension and an attraction that transcends normal boundaries, not to mention sizzling sensual love scenes, and you've got a strong story that kept me turning the pages all the way to the end. Ms. Malone definitely delivers in A Man's World.”

‘A Man’s World’, from Trifecta Publishing House, is available now:

 About the Author:

Josie Malone lives at the family riding stable in the Cascade foothills where she organizes most of the riding programs, teaches horsemanship around her day-job as a substitute teacher, nurses sick horses, holds for the shoer, trains whoever needs it – four-legged and two-legged. She writes books in her spare time, usually from 8PM to 2AM, seven days a week after a long day on the ranch. When she can’t write, words and stories fill her mind. Even when she mucks the barn, Josie thinks about books or short stories or pieces in progress and maps out the writing in her mind. Josie has B.A. degrees in English and History, and her Master in Teaching degree. As a substitute school teacher, she loves the school breaks but she's just as busy, since there are 30 horses to look after on the ranch. She's had a lot of adventures over the years and she plans to write all about them.

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