Trifecta Publishing House has been in business for just over five years and we’ve been exploring our future, looking down the road on where we feel we should be.

Five years has taught us all a lot – not just to us as publishers, but also as authors. We’ve so enjoyed finding new writers and exploring new genres. It’s been a tremendous learning experience and we feel we are much better prepared to move into our next decade. The Publishing Industry as a whole is continuing to go through tremendous changes and the pace doesn’t appear to be slowing. We know we also have to be fluid and watch the market.

The partners have looked at the financial figures and sales in general and have realized we can provide greater support to the genre we originally had all our previous decades of experience in, Romantic Fiction.

We have worked in romance publishing for over twenty years so understand the evolving $1.8 Billion dollar industry. There are over 29 Million regular romance readers with 84% being women. And of those millions of readers, 46% read at least one book per week, with 41% between the ages of 30-54.

The sub-genres we are now accepting submissions for are:

          Contemporary Romance     Romantic Suspense     Paranormal Romance     Mystery/Thrillers     Young Adult     New Adult     Erotic Romance

          Historical Romance             Cozy Mystery

We are open to submissions in all sub-genres in novel and novella lengths.

We hope you will all support our authors and our new Romance direction in 2020 and beyond!

Lori Lyn ~ Diana Ballew ~ Doug Burmeister

MISSING YOU, Roxy Summers Mystery #3

Best Seller

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Trifecta is owned and operated by three authors who know the entire process of having your book published, from writing that first draft to seeing your book hit the market.

Trifecta contracts with professional editors, cover artists,  formatters and proofreaders to make any book we publish shine.

We offer marketing and branding support and are truly competitive in royalty figures.

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